Creating exquisite print and digital products.


At Edible Ink, the power and energy of beautiful words, incredible imagery and brilliant design come together.


Edible Ink is an independent content agency devoted to the creation of high-quality content and media products. Founded by journalist Elizabeth Meryment in 2016, Edible Ink brings a top-end media sensibility to the creation of all manner of content for business. Our services include writing and editing, photography, graphic design, creative project management, digital content creation, media assistance, custom publishing, print production, recipe development, ghost writing and ideation/conceptualisation services. We work with only the best writers, editors, designers, photographers and artists to create beautiful products with a high-end editorial look and finish. Our philosophy is to bring together finely polished words, superior imagery and world-class design to make every story intriguing.


Our job is to get to the essence of every story


so we can bring it to 


in the most 





- Elizabeth Meryment, Edible Ink


We make

  • Independent magazines

  • Custom magazines
  • Print and outdoor advertising
  • Brochures
  • Websites including all written & visual content, design & setup
  • Fliers, banners & other creative print products

We create

  • Stories
  • Imagery
  • Media campaigns
  • Native content
  • Food content including recipe design, food styling & photography
  • Pieces of writing including press releases, submissions & web content
  • Video content
  • Newsletters & EDMs (email newsletters)

We help with

  • Media troubleshooting
  • Specialist event management
  • Branding & brand conceptualisation
  • Creation of complex products such as magazines & cookbooks 
  • Project management of printed items (including all content creation)
  • Editing

We work in print and digital


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